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ITEM # 110

If you like unique artifacts, this one is for you. A 4 1/4 inch Clovis which was picked up by a later culture and side notched. I am not sure if it is Flintridge or Boyle Chert. Found in Lorain Co., Ohio. (An interesting note: It is marked "Phelps" Robert Phelps was a hunter/digger/collector/dealer from Marion, Ohio, back in the 1930's and 40's. Mr. Phelps was employed by A.T. Wherle to excavate sites during the Great Depression. One of his expeditions took him to Oklahoma to dig at the Spiro Mound in May, 1935.) This piece is pictured in Indian Artifact Magazine 1997 16-3 on page 42 This Clovis comes with an American Antiquities COA Ex Jerry Dicky and Lyle Nickel Collections

ITEM # 167

3 3/4" Debert Muskingum Co., Ohio, Ex Converse & Copeland Collections.....

ITEM #34

2 1/2" Clovis McIntosh Co., OK Perino COA

ITEM #36

1 5/8" Alibates Milnesand from Tulsa Co OK, Rogers COA

ITEM #99

1 11/16" Midland/Goshen/Plainview "MiShEw", Motley COA as Plainview from New Mexico, nice translucent Chalcedony.

ITEM #123

2 1/2" Hell Gap from Texas



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