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Item # 7080

Type IV-C Dagger 5 3/4 inches long this form dates to 1950 to 1750 B.C

Type IV-C handle with resharpened blade, Chris Merriam collection, ex Paul Brown, USA.
Even though it is badly damaged, it is another handle that packs a tremendous amount of information, especially when I had several months to study it while Val drew it in detail. Even though both horns have been broken off and heavy striker wear is present, portions of the finely stitched, rolled pommel seam stilll remain. If you look carefully, especially in the upper part of the seam on the right hand view, several primary stitch flakes are present. The secondary stitching on both faces was beautifully executed with an errant facial pressure flake coming in from the shoulder and removing a portion of the end of the seam on the right view. Several patches of the original oblique flake scars are still visible on the blade, the tip of which shows very heavy edge wear." DCW

Item # 7079

This is a type IV-C Danish dagger, 7 inches long





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