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I have worked on numerous projects over the last 20 years. I have 1,000's of photos of collections, excavations, artifact shows, etc. And I want to share some of what I have done on this website. This is also a collaborative effort, I want to invite others to share their photos of museum tours, archaeological sites and excavations, as well as artifact shows. For others who have published articles in books, magazines or online, I would love to include your material as well. (All photos and articles will have proper credit to the author.) I have also set up a links page, this is just the beginning, it is an edited version of my browser's bookmarks and I know many site are no longer online.

Thanks for visiting, please contact me with any questions or if you want to submit photos or articles,
Chris Merriam


Pike Co. Arkansas Cache

The Lockesburg Cache

Triside points from around the world


Sam Noble Museum Tour

Thomas Gilcrease Museum Tour

Archaeological Sites

Spiro Mound articles written by my father and me.

History of the site- features the first article we wrote on the Spiro Mounds. 
It has a basic description of how the Spiro Mound evolved over time.

Discovering the Central Chamber- First Person narrative on what they found in the central chamber.

Cahokia to Spiro - This article presents a theory of a migration of political/religious leaders from Cahokia to other sites including Spiro.

The Ohio Connection- Article written for Ohio Archaeologist

There are many more photos of artifacts and the excavations @

Quick plug for our book, Spiro Mound: A Photo Essay :)

Artifact Shows

My show frames from 2004-2017

Send me photos from shows and I will add them here!


Harry T. Bell & Robert E. Bell Collection

Wallace Culpepper's 1st Collection

Scott Huffman's Texas Typology Collection


Lost Danish Relics

Artifact Photography How-to

Artifact Links

The Artifact Room

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