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Triside Artifacts from around the world

This page is a work in progress I hope to continue to add information over time.

Stack of Danish Triside points

A group of some of my Danish Trisides

I have applied the Danish style definitions for artifacts from other regions.

This is a gross oversimplification of the evolution of this flaking technology.

A-1 slightly modified to shape the base

A-2 Alterately beveled to shape the base

A-3 flaked from one side to shape the base

B-1 flaked from both sides to shape the base; minor bifacial flaking for the tip

B-2 Unifacial flaking on the ridge side; minor bifacial flaking for the tip

C Bifacial flaking to the ridge

C/D classic triside flaking

D-1 triside flaking with flared tangs above the base; typically smaller than C/D types

D-2 Smaller triside flaked no flared tangs, sometimes serrated

D-3 Triside flaked, base as large as the blade

3 3/4" Salvaged older point, bifacial flaking suggests this falls in the Triside type C class

3 1/2" Type A-3 Danish Triside

3 1/8" Type A-3 Danish Triside

3 3/8" Type B-2 Danish Triside

3 7/8" Type B-2 Danish Triside

4 1/4" Type C/D Preform

4 3/4"Type C/D Danish Triside

3 3/8" Type C/D Danish Triside

3 1/2" Type C/D Danish Triside

3 1/8" Type D-1 Danish Triside

2 5/8" Type D-2 Danish Triside

Type C/D Danish Trisides made by D.C. Waldorf

And a few from other parts of the world

2" Type B Style Triside from Yemen

Top Type D-3 Style Triside from Saudia Arabia

Middle Type C Style Triside from Saudia Arabia

Bottom Type C/D Style Triside from Saudia Arabia

I don't remember the size on these.

2 3/4" Type C/D style from Humboldt Co., CA.

7" Type C/D style Triside from Stark Co., OH.

6 1/2" Type C/D style Mahogany Obsidian Triside from Mexico

6 1/2" Side Notched Type C/D style Obsidan Triside from Mexico
Note the cortex on the base and one edge

19" Type C/D with lobes Obsidan Triside sword from Nayarit, Mexico in the Gilcrease Museum Tulsa, OK.
I hope to get this out of the case next time I visit the museum and get some good pictures of it.

Link to Gilcrease Page

I have seen some examples from Panama as well. If you have seen examples from other regions, please contact me,

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