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This is an old page but I ran across it again and thought I would add it. Legally these no longer belong to me as the USPS has settled my claim, but I would still love to find that candy red dagger.

Thanks for checking out this page.

The items below were shipped from Denmark on 10-30-09, entered the US on 11-06-09, spent the next week in customs and were sent out 11-12-09. I recieved the package on 11-16-09... empty, only the outer cardboard sleeve arrived. The items were packaged in two cardboard sleeves, the inner sleeve got "lost" at some point along the way. The sender and I have both filed claims with our post offices, but I wanted to let everyone know about these items.

Update: After a year they have closed the case and sent me a check for $99.77, on a claim of $3,200.
I would still like to find them, if anyone sees these items turn up for sale, please let me know.


4 flint chisels, measuring between 4.33 and 5.31 inches

from left to right, type I Dagger, red translucent flint, 5.9 inches long, spearpoint, 5.1 inches long, orange and brown flint,
tableknife, 5.5 inches, gray flint, small axe, 3.5 inches long, blue and gray banded flint, see enlargements below.

4 book set Danske Oldsager, volume II had duct tape along the spine.


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