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Sam Noble Museum Tour

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

Photos by Chris Merriam

.A few of my favorites displays at the museum,
but not even close to being everything they have on display.

There are 92 photos on this page
so it may take some time to get through it all.

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Bison latifrons

Smilodon Fatalis




Playing with the kids

Burnham Site Skull and material (The skull is noted as a transition between Bison latifrons and Bison antiquus.)

These are my favorite kind of Daltons, lol.

what follows are various artifacts with little to no information

Starting with mostly Paleo material

Notice the Thebes and Kirk made of Coshocton Flint from Ohio

Calf Creek Material

The famous Kim Holt Calf Creek Skull and close ups to follow

Archaic Material

I like minatures, they have alot more pottery I focused on my favorite little ones.



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